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Height adjustable

standing desks UberDesk

Standing desks UberDesk Pro by BULDESK company
Tsvetomir Pantaleev general manager of BULDESK and UberDesk

Dear BULDESK customers,


This website has been specially developed for you so that you can familiarize yourself with our products and benefit from the experience we have gained over the years in creating the perfect workplace in your company or home office. Our products are carefully developed and selected to meet even the highest requirements. Our design team has spent countless hours building desks and accessories that perfectly match each other.Design and quality are key features of UberDesk desks. Their possible configurations are countless in order to create a workplace unique to the identity of each one of you. We sincerely hope that you will experience the pleasure of creating your workplace with BULDESK products.

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Tsvetomir Pantaleev

founder of BULDESK


Standing desks and office furniture BULDESK is the long-awaited addition to the activity of manufacturing, delivering and installation of ergonomic height adjustable standing desks UberDesk on the furniture market by the company VESPA VP LTD.

Additionally to the best ergonomic workplaces now we provide you with the complete office furniture. All kinds of office furniture including desks, chairs, soft seating, reception, cupboards and etc.

BULDESK’s team is passionate about creating the best offices where people thrive and feel good. We want the people in the office to fall in love with the environment in which they spend most of their time.

BULDESK is a reliable partner for your business with a team improving daily to create the most modern offices that provide best working conditions for the people.


We create best offices together with our best partners. Check BULDESK’s trustworthy partners below.


Join BULDESK customers from various industries who are proof for our successful stories

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