Office furniture services

Desks, desk accessories, chairs, acoustic solutions, receptions, soft seating and many more. If it is related to the office, just ask and we will make sure to provide you with the complete office solution. We study the latest office furniture and office ergonomy practices and we make sure everything is according to the last standards and requirements.

BulDesk Pro height adjustable standing desks and office furniture

Interior Design and 3D visualization

BulDesk can provide you with a design and 3D visualization of your future office. Sometimes imagination is not enough. The design and the visualization verify the project and the choice of office furniture and the complete office layout. We try to get this thing done as realistic as possible.

BulDesk 3D visualization of office interior and office furniture Office with standing desks BulDesk Pro

Manufacturing of office furniture

We at Buldesk are able to manufacture different types of custom products so that we are sure the customer’s unique vision is met. To make this possible we have a modern facility and skilled workers that know how to build products.

BulDesk welder making office furniture and desks

Furniture Installation

Fast, precise and flexible… We care about the quality more than everything. We will deliver and install your furniture disregarding how hard it is at the most suitable for you company time.


You need a consulation about your current or future office. We are your best choice. BulDesk has experts which know the latest trends and ergonomic factors and can assist you with improving the quality of working conditions of your office.

Business People Analyzing Statistics Financial Concept of office furniture and height adjustable standing desks by BulDesk

How we work at

We are a team who tend to do the job with passion, with a good speed, quality and focus. We do our best to be creative and to be devoted to the projects.

BulDesk The Best


We know that time is important for you. We always do our best to do the things as fast as possible.


BulDesk’s services are best quality and we are always trying to meet the customers’ expectations. 

Quality job by BulDesk
Passion to details for height adjustable desks


The creation of the best office requires much passion. We find our job very exciting and we love the feeling of finishing a successful projects.


We always try to be creative and to think differently. We love creating unique and distinctive offices.  

Creativity by BulDesk
Devotion BulDesk


We are commited to the purpose of being your best partner in the creation of your office. You can be sure we will do our best to do so.