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BULDESK Pro height adjustable standing desks

BULDESK Pro is an eletric sit-stand desk, the future of the office desks. You find it in the most modern offices of the leading companies that provide perfect working conditions. The desk BULDESK Pro allows working while standing and thus defeats the sitting desease.


Price starting at 699 € VAT incl. delivery included

The standard most desirable height adjustable desk BULDESK Pro with two legs. Perfect choice for most of the office spaces.


Price starting at 459 € VAT incl. delivery included

A small cute single-leg space-saving BULDESK with all the benefits of the standing desks. Perfect for small spaces and laptop users.

Sit-stand desk converter BulDesk Pro Tower


Price at 169 € VAT incl.

BULDESK Pro Tower is a standing desks converter. It make your ordinary desk a sit-stand desk easiliy.

Desk accessories

A large number of carefully chosen desk accessories for ultimate office workstations. They are perfect match for your sit-stand desk BULDESK and add the finishing touch to your office workspace.

BulDesk PC Holder


Price at 46 € VAT incl.

BULDESK Holder is a PC box holder which is attached to the worktop of the desk. Sturdy and sleek design suitable for all kinds of PC boxes.

BulDesk Pro Spiral

BULDESK Pro Spiral

Price at 39 € VAT incl.

BULDESK Spiral is a Spiral type cable management which hides the cables comming from the desk.

Ergonomic Monitor stand BulDesk Pro Arm


Price at 139 € VAT incl.

BULDESK Arm Pro is a premium quality ergonomy monitor arm for monitors up to 8 kg weight. Suitable for all monitors with VESA.

Anti-fatigue mat BulDesk Pro Mat


Price at 60 € VAT incl.

BULDESK Mat is a standing desk mat which reduces the fatigue in the legs while working standing. Made of comfortable rubber.

BulDesk Pro Caster Wheels

BULDESK Pro Wheels

Price at 39 € VAT incl.

BULDESK Wheels are high quality rubber castor wheels with double locking mechanism. Suitable for all kinds of flooring.

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