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Top 10 Standing desk Benefits

The importance to use a standing desk

Every person spends 60-70% of the awake hours in sedentary behaviour (about 12 hours a day sitting on average). Sitting is compared to smoking and in some cases happens to be even more dangerous as it leads to many major deseases. Height adjustable desks are a fundamental way to reduce the sedentary behaviour.

BULDESK improves health

As BULDESK successfully battles the sitting desease it is not a surprise that this height adjustable desk will significantly improve your health. This innovative piece of office furniture has a high chance to replace the doctors and the pills in the future. Your will be healthier and happier leading a less stressful and more fulfilling life.


Reduces risk of
major deseases


Reduces risk of cancer by up 32%

Reduces risk of isheamic heart desease by 30%

Reduces risk of diabetes by 27%

Reduces risk of back paints by 95%

Reduces risk of cardiovascular deseases by 40%

Weight loss

6 maratons or
- 20 000 calories for one year

Using a height adjustable desk burns a lot more calories than using a conventional office furniture. You will end up losing a pound or two. 

BulDesk Pro standing desk benefits
Improves mood and
energy levels

Charge your batteries by working standing on the desk BULDESK. That’s right… This will provide you with extra energy to do the things you love. You will be happier and more energetic than ever.

Better posture

Every ergonomic desk BULDESK is adjustable to any height which provides perfect body ergonomy for any person. You will no longer have slouching and rounded shoulders. The healthy posture and confidence will be part of your daily life.

Standing desks BulDesk Pro improve posture
Sport does not have reverse effect on sedentary life.
BULDESK has...

According to a recent research sedentary behaviour is independent to physical activity. Even 1 hour a day doing sport will not have reverse effect on sedentary life. You just need to spend less time sitting. BulDesk gives you that opportunity.

Height adjustable desks extend life
Extends life
Slows aging
According to Swedish scientists the best way to life long life is to stand as this keeps the telomeres long – the parts of the chromosomes which defend the human DNA. It is recommended to stay away from chairs and couches or just to use a standing desk.
Improves productivity
Increases alertness

BULDESK users claim to be more productive, more task driven and positive. Researches show that productivity increases 10-20% when standing. Meetings are kept short and efficient.

BulDesk Pro improves productivity
BulDesk Pro Sit-Stand desks
Business wins with
  • Happier, healthier and more productive emplоyees
  • Less absence from work
  • Fast investment return
  • Competitiveness
  • Raising cоmpany’s standards
Best investments
in your health

Owning a standing desk BULDESK will cost you less than 0.50 euro cents a day in the next 5 years making it one of the best investments for your health.

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